Well my latest endeavour into the heritage realm, is taking a free course through Te Wananga o Aotearoa called Mauri Ora. Where I am learning about Maori culture and practices past and present. So far I’m three months into and really enjoying it. The first portion of the course looks at different types of gatherings and the protocols surrounding them. I’ve almost finished my work book for this portion and will soon be beginning the second part that looks at how Maori came to New Zealand and the skills and knowledge bought with them.

Part of my reasoning for taking this course is to continue my learning and understanding of Maori culture. For though I’m a New Zealander, I’m not Maori and nor do I have any Maori ancestory, it is a part of my countries culture and heritage that I felt I didn’t know enough about it and what I do know comes from an Art History and Museums background.

I encourage any one who is interested in learning more about Maori culture and heritage to pick up this course