I’ve got a job now, so I’ve been really slack in updating this site…sorry!

I also am working at a place with limited internet access, so I can’t check twitter and re-tweet stuff…so here is this weeks today in history from NZHistorydotnet

Today in History 21 Mar 2003, Race Relations Day celebrated for first time theme for 2010: ‘It’s About Us- Whanau’

Today in History 22 Mar 1994, Kiwis win Oscars for ‘The piano’ – my fingers ache just thinking about it

Today in History 23 Mar 1848, The John Wickliffe anchors at Port Chalmers – Happy anniversary day Otago (hol ws on Mon)

Today in History 24 Mar 1770, Ngati Kahu kidnap victim dies at sea on French ship

Today in History 25 Mar 1847, Wakefield and Featherston duel in Te Aro – Featherston fired first, but missed..

Today in History 25 Mar 1847, Wakefield and Featherston duel in Te Aro – Featherston fired first, but missed..

Via  @NZHistorydotnet Did a Kiwi design the Australian flag?

Also Today in History:

from @NZHistorydotnet Today in History 5 Feb 1867, Opening of railway from Invercargill to Bluff – bankrupted Southland Province

From the National Library

Clearly I need to brush up on KM trivia! As a mea culpa, here’s a tragic tale of the ‘Perils of Icecream’ #tbreaktweet

Am I the only person to find the juxtaposition of ‘Katherine Mansfield’ and ‘camping’ a little unexpected? #tbreaktweet

So, I mentioned before some useful website in NZ to check out about heritage and stuff and also those that twitter too.

Well I’m adding another to the list: I follow QI on twitter (those that don’t know, QI is a quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry and is really awesome) through following their twitter feed, I’ve ended up following one of the historians that does research for the show – Justin Pollard ( ) he is an accomplished author and also an advisor for tv shows and movies that require historical knowledge – such as ‘Elizabeth’ and my favourite ‘The Tudors’.

Anyway he has produced a book called Secret Britain and along with it a website that he continues to update with nifty little stories about interesting places or people in British history, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Only issue with the website is that it doesn’t have an RSS Feed, so it’s hard to know when it’s updated – but it does seem to be daily. Otherwise follow him on twitter, cause he always links to the latest update on there.