Well actually one train and it’s break carriage.

A few weekends ago, me and my friend Helena went to Featherston. We had a few hours to kill on Sunday before catching the Wairarapa  Train back to Wellington, so we did a wee walk around the township and stopped by the Fell Locomotive Museum.

I remember coming here as a kid, and well I love it. There is something that is inherently cool about trains, and train museums seem to fuel a child like delight in me.

It’s big and black, and apparently called Freddie, and one of the few Fell engines left.

Around the walls is all sorts of memorabilia to do with the Fell engines and the journey that they took over the Rimutaka’s.

There is also a neat little movie made in the early 50s about the journey made by the Fell engines and how they all worked and the perils that were faced. Very exciting.
This is a museum that should not be by-passed, there is something there for every one, even the non train enthusiasts.