So, I mentioned before some useful website in NZ to check out about heritage and stuff and also those that twitter too.

Well I’m adding another to the list: I follow QI on twitter (those that don’t know, QI is a quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry and is really awesome) through following their twitter feed, I’ve ended up following one of the historians that does research for the show – Justin Pollard ( ) he is an accomplished author and also an advisor for tv shows and movies that require historical knowledge – such as ‘Elizabeth’ and my favourite ‘The Tudors’.

Anyway he has produced a book called Secret Britain and along with it a website that he continues to update with nifty little stories about interesting places or people in British history, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Only issue with the website is that it doesn’t have an RSS Feed, so it’s hard to know when it’s updated – but it does seem to be daily. Otherwise follow him on twitter, cause he always links to the latest update on there.