October 2009

Public Trust Building This is another of my favourite buildings that can be found in Wellington. Found on the corner of Lambton Quay and Stout Street.

It was built during 1907-1909 and officially opened on 9 June 1909.

I think one of the reasons I like this building so much, is along the same lines as to why I like Turnbull House. It’s one of the few surviving turn of the century building that you can find in Wellington, with it’s Edwardian Baroque influence, it is an unexpected find in amongst the tall skyscrapers and if you’re not paying attention could easily be missed, and yet it seems to pop out at you. If it wasn’t in an area that gets masses of foot traffic, I could sit and look at it all day.

Below are links to websites with more information about the building, some of them are very interesting reads, especially the Wellington City Councils inventory.

WCC Inventory

Official Website

Time line

So, I mentioned before some useful website in NZ to check out about heritage and stuff and also those that twitter too.

Well I’m adding another to the list: I follow QI on twitter (those that don’t know, QI is a quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry and is really awesome) through following their twitter feed, I’ve ended up following one of the historians that does research for the show – Justin Pollard ( http://twitter.com/JustinPollard ) he is an accomplished author and also an advisor for tv shows and movies that require historical knowledge – such as ‘Elizabeth’ and my favourite ‘The Tudors’.

Anyway he has produced a book called Secret Britain and along with it a website that he continues to update with nifty little stories about interesting places or people in British history, so I thought I’d share it with you.


Only issue with the website is that it doesn’t have an RSS Feed, so it’s hard to know when it’s updated – but it does seem to be daily. Otherwise follow him on twitter, cause he always links to the latest update on there.