September 2009

I think this is pretty cool. These maps are over a 100 years old, and amazingly beautiful. The detail that cartographers go into is incredible.


I was watching the news tonight and found this item of interest. A man in the UK found hordes of ancient gold whilst messing around with his metal detector in a private field.

Though it doesn’t really have anything to do with New Zealand heritage, it really interested me, as the pieces found were of intricate design and can be linked with the Byzantine era and it also shines some more light onto the “dark ages”. One of my interests is with the Byzantine empire and early christian art and architecture.

Below is one of the links I found to the article online

I follow the British Museum on Twitter and they linked to this official page:

Kelburn 1st Scout Den Over the weekend of the 5-6 September, the Kelburn scout group celebrated 100years.

I went along for awhile, on the behest of my older brother, whom attended the group from 1986-1993 (I think). Though I was never a scout, our family was very involved with the group, in helping out with tramping trips, fundraising events at the hall, and also the odd family night held. So I have so fond memories of the group despite not actually being an official part of it. It was quiet cool to look through old photos and see my brother and his mates, and go ooo I remember them, and also to meet old acquaintances too.

I arrived in time for the opening ceremony, where the deputy mayor of Wellington spoke, and really re-iterated what the movement is about. Forming friendships, and a sense of community.

The group was formed in 1909 by  Eric Lawson, and started out with only six boys who called themselves the weasels (those of you who are unfamiliar with scouting – in the group or pack, the members are divided up into smaller troupes and each troupe has a name usually associated with an animal – last I heard they were birds – not to sure if this still happens, as I know that the guides where similar, but no longer do this).

Of course over the years the group has grown in size and shifted around abit, but finally settled in it’s current location in the 1930s, at the Botanical Gardens.

I’ve added the well written article from to this post and also the official website for the scout group, which have so cool photos and some neat stories from past members. article

1st Kelburn Scouts