Alexander Turnbull House This is one of my most favourite buildings in Wellington. Partly because it is now surrounded by the high skyscraper buildings, that engulf and hide it from view, it is this pleasant building that pops out and quietly surprises you. It is situated on Bolton Terrace across the road from the Beehive (Parliament Buildings).

It was built in 1916 By Thomas Turnbull, who was a promient architect in Wellington, desgining such buildings as the Parliamentary Library. It was built as a residence for Alexander Horsburgh Turnbull’s, Thomas Turnbull’s father, and it also held his collection of books, paintings, maps etc, by his death he had collected over 55,000 items, making it one of New Zealands largest private collections. This collection is now held at the National Library on Molesworth Street.

The Department of Conservation is now in charge of the maintence of this building, and it is still used by the public as a functions venue (I’ve been to a few functions over the years there myself).

I’ve put the links to the DOC site and also to the Historic Places registra below…so you can continue reading up on the place.

It was registred with the Historic Places Trust in 1982 and is a category 1 building. This basically means that it is a Nationally important building and can’t really be changed.