Right..I’m not to sure how this blog will turn out, but my intention is to start writing about New Zealand Heritage and what I think about it.

For those that don’t know me, I did a BA in Art History and Architectural Studies (this is basically theroy and history) and then went on to do a Graduate Diploma in Museums and Heritage Studie…I may one day go back and do my Masters, but well see.

I love our Heritage and think that we as New Zealanders should be proud of what we have, I feel that not enough people are aware of what Heritage means as a Nation and more importantly as an individual.

My purpose in this blog is to inform people of what is around them, and why it is important to look after our Heritage, and what it basically and ultimately means to them.

So I will endeavour to post images of heritage buildings and sites and monument, etc and write abit about them in context and also what I personally think of them.

I will also give out links of other blogs that may be interesting to follow…or twitters that I thinks should be followed.

Anyway follow along if you think this will be interesting…or not, cause I know I can ramble and perhaps this will end up being a place where I can get my thoughts down about this.